keys2.jpgWhat's on My Mac?


organize, store, and purchase music (use this to sync iPods), subscribe to a variety of podcasts, attend courses in iTunes University, enjoy Internet Radio (zillions of stations!), create playlists for various purposes in the classroom

organize, store, and edit photos, print or publish yearbooks, portfolios, photo albums, storybooks, etc., make your own greeting cards, create slide shows very quickly

create original movies, edit existing movies, save as QuickTime movies, send QT movies through email or add to your blog or webpage
Make DVD’s with photos, music and videos to play in a DVD player or in your computer
Garage Band (iLife)
create original music (w/o having any musical talent!), create podcasts, record interviews, lectures, students’ reading fluency

Desktop Publishing, Word Processing, create posters, brochures, greeting cards, letters, and simple word processed documents.
Numbers (iWork)
Spreadsheet, create graphs and charts, check out some of the templates for great ideas, add formulas for mathematical functions
Keynote (iWork)
Presentation Tool (similar to PowerPoint), add videos, voice recordings, photos, save keynotes as QT movies, images, pdfs, or as PowerPoint
Excel (Microsoft
Office Suite)

Spreadsheet, create graphs, charts, add formulas for mathematical functions
Word (Microsoft
Office Suite)

Word Processing, try the notebook layout for taking notes (has tabs for organizing your work), save as doc not as docx so they’ll be compatible with PC’s
PowerPoint (Microsoft
Office Suite)

Presentation Tool (similar to Keynote), create slides with visuals, bullets,music, videos
FileMaker Pro
Database - necessary for the DMS (Data Management System), you can now access the DMS from home! Visit with Dayna for help with the DMS.
This built-in PDF file viewer allows you to view, work with, and print PDF files; view and edit images (including JPEG,TIFF, GIF, PICT, and other image file formats). This is even simpler than editing photos in iPhoto!
Instant Messaging , not only can you text others, but you can also video chat, audio chat, share documents, text cell phones, share screens, and video conference with 4 people at once!
Calendar - organize your life! Includes To Do lists, subscribe to google calendars, subscribe to online calendars (Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Reds etc.)
Address Book
Database of addresses (email, home address, iChat, Skype etc.), add birthdays and they’ll show up in your iCal, add cell phone numbers and you can text through iChat
Comic Life
create comics (funny and/or serious), use as a reflection at the end of a unit, All About Me page with photos and speech bubbles,
integrates nicely with iPhoto

Photo Booth
Taking pictures and video instantly w/built-in iSight camera. Can use it to get a quick snapshot of a document. WARNING: you can get easily sidetracked on this one - you may lose your focus!
Online phone calls - free from computer to computer, includes audio and/or video
Skype an Author Network

Internet Browser, you must use either Firefox or Safari in order to browse the Internet. Our students only have access to Safari.
Internet Browser, you must use either Firefox or Safari in order to browse the Internet. Our students do not have access to Firefox.
Google Earth
Geography all over the world! Take a virtual tour around the world, create placemarks, add your own images or videos. Have students add their own descriptions. Save and share placemarks and virtual tours on your blog. Embed Google Maps on your classroom blog.